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Our garages include:
  • Solid Concrete Floor
  • Sturdy 2x6 Walls
  • Roomy Storage Attic
  • Overhead Steel Door
  • Permit Free 5-Day Build
  • (Custom designs too)


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Our POPULAR 11’x 20′ Little Wonder, or a CUSTOM “dream garage”…it’s all up to you and your needs

Our Little Wonder put us on the map with many thrilled owners, but we all have different needs, so we are happy to thrill more owners with designs that don’t compromise their needs or wants.  Either way, our quality shines above the rest.

Here’s how real customers typically describe their experience with Little Wonder Garages…

“I love my garage!” – “The price was great, and the quality and overall appearance of the building far exceeded our expectations, as did the spaciousness of both the garage area and attic storage areas!” – “a terrific investment” – “ a low cost, high quality, space-saving garage” – “this is a real building, not an over-blown shed” – “We were blown away. The size seemed small, but ended up having more space than we could ever imagine.” – “It’s a real attic up there! ” – “Jerry is great to work with!” – “even the neighbors were shocked at how fast the work was completed” – “we’re totally sold on the idea of no permits required” – “Little Wonder’s Garages and Jerry Scoones are WONDERFUL!”   (Sigh!)

“Garages with attics”, why are they so popular?

  • We love the old homes of our ancestors but today’s storage needs dwarf theirs.
  • Today we live in an age of abundance so we want more conveniences for our active lifestyle.
  • But, where do we put it all?  A Little Wonder attic gives us the needed storage space.
  •  Learn more…


5 modern garage conveniences, do you have them?

  • Cars average 6’ wide. Older garage doors are 7’ wide. So, how’s your aim? (Ours are at least 8′ wide.)
  • Do you still have hinged doors? Overhead doors open much easier and stay out of the way.
  • Automatic door opener? With such convenience, why would you park your car outside any more?
  • A handy place for bikes, mower, rakes, etc? Ours has this, even with space for your car.
  • And don’t forget our 200 sq. ft. overhead storage attic. Because only we offer one with every garage.


Learn these 4 secrets to our breakthrough low prices

  • You benefit from the economies of our one-size-fits-all, at 220 sq. ft. – room for 1 car and storage.
  • Though built to code, we carefully design our garages to require no building permits in most jurisdictions.
  • With fewer garage designs, once perfected, we plan them to go up quickly & accurately.
  • This is the most affordable One-car garage ever.   Read why.


Why settle for a plain shed if a Little Wonder adds to your property’s resale?

  • A Little Wonder includes a concrete floor;  others require you to furnish it, and
  • A Little Wonder comes with a full-length storage attic; theirs has none, and…
  • A Little Wonder is customized to match your home; their industrial style shed resembles few homes.


Shared driveway problems?  Common garage wall issues?  We have solutions.

  • Is your old garage a hostage of your common-wall neighbor? Want to rebuild but he doesn’t?
  • Little Wonder Garages can now separate your garage from your neighbor’s by mere inches.
  • This allows you to have a modern garage on your side while your neighbor keeps his old garage.
  • Or your neighbor can also have a similar new garage with paint and siding to resemble his house.
  • Contact us for more details on our unique solutions and drive-by addrsses.


Can we legally build without a permit at your address?

    • For our lowest prices, we recommend only permit-free garages.
    • Let us determine if your jurisdiction allows such construction on your property.
    • Simply supply us your address, name and phone number
    • We will research it for free and call back with the results
    • Our service is free and absolutely without obligation.


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